CASPIAN: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering

Industry News

Privacy and Social Action

No-Cards Shoppers
New Mexico based organization opposed to loyalty cards.

Fight the Fingerprint
Opposed to government sanctioned biometrics and social security number identification schemes. Great e-mail newsletter.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Provides information to help consumers protect their personal privacy.

Privacy Journal
Monthly newsletter reporting on new technology and its impact on personal privacy.

Opposes telemarketing calls, junk mail, junk E-mail, and more.


"Loyalty" Industry Links

Customer Loyalty Today
International developments in "customer loyalty"

Catalina Marketing
Surveillance Central. The source of most of the nation's "loyalty" schemes

"Loyalty and frequency-marketing quarterly newsletter"


Supermarket Industry Links

Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
Supermarket trade association

Supermarket Industry Fact Sheet
From the FMI Website

Hoover's Retail Grocery Profiles
"Capsules" or mini-profiles of over 100 American and International grocery retail chains

Market Guide - Grocery Companies
Publicly traded grocery firms; includes stock and contact info for each

Top 100 US Retailers
National Retail Federation list of the nation's biggest stores by volume

A fun site that examines supermarkets from a historical perspective.


Grocery Trade Publications / News

Progressive Grocer - Daily news

Yahoo Supermarket Industry News - Daily news

Supermarket News - Daily news


Food Production, Modification, and Distribution

Corporate Agribusiness Research Project
Alerting the public to the dangers of corporate agribusiness

List of Potential Genetically Modified Food Products
You probably eat these every day. (List from Friends of the Earth, vocal opponents of altered foods)

How Many Pesticides did You Eat Today?
Find out what pesticides you consume and their health effects, or measure the pesticides in your shopping list. Courtesy of the Environmental Working Group.


International Links

Australian and New Zealand Grocery Links
Courtesy of the Professional Assignments Group


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