Winners of the CASPIAN "Triple Blue Ribbon of Privacy "

A representative from each store below has promised us that their store will never implement a shopper registration and monitoring program. If one of these stores is in your area, please support it with your shopping dollars and take the time to personally thank the manager for respecting your privacy.

I would encourage everyone to write a letter or e-mail to these markets (even if they are out of your shopping area) as a gesture of support and encouragement. We could use more stores with this kind of integrity.

And the list is growing!

Status:  unknownunknownunknown
Policy: "Bigg's does not have any loyalty marketing program nor do we intend to start one in the future. Our philosophy is 'One True Minimum Price' for all, regardless."
- David Gossett (11/16/99)
Locations: Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio
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Website: http://www.biggshyper.com/
Contact Person:. David Gossett, Technical Services Manager
Bigg's Supervalu Inc.
E-mail: David.T.Gossett@supervalu.com

Status:  unknownunknownunknown
Policy: "We do not now nor in the future intend to use a club card or loyalty program...I believe that these programs are exclusive and our goal is to be inclusive."
- Tom Trippany, Big M (11/9/99)
Locations: These New York cities: Potsdam, Massena, and Perrys
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Website http://www.bigmsupermarket.com/
Contact Person:. Tom Trippany
E-mail: tomtripp@slic.com

Status:  unknownunknownunknown
Policy: "As for loyalty cards, we will not be offering such a program. We believe that customer loyalty must be earned and that it must be earned by providing Bristol Farms shoppers the very best food and the very best service in our industry. This position is what has earned us the title of the best food store in Los Angeles by the 1999/2000 Zagats Marketplace Survey."
Charlie Bergh, Marketing VP (11/12/99)
Locations: 13 Southern California Locations
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Website: http://www.bristolfarms.com/
Contact Person:. Charlie Bergh, Vice President Marketing
E-mail: CBergh@BristolFarms.com

Status:  unknownunknownunknown
Policy: "Claiborne's Supermarkets is a family owned store. We do not monitor our customers and do not have any future plans for discount cards or any other such device. We protect our customers and promise them the lowest prices we can offer. To each and everyone!"
- Jessica Blount (6/13/00)
Location: Lamesa, Texas
Website: http://www.pics.net/~claibornes/
Contact Person:. Jessica Blount, Representative
Claiborne's Supermarkets
E-mail: claibornes@pics.net

Status:  unknownunknownunknown
Policy: "We are a natural, gourmet food store. Club cards do not fit in with Huckleberry's philosophy and never will."
-Dick Reid, Store Coordinator (11/16/99)
Location: 926 S. Monroe
Spokane, WA 99204
(509) 624-1349
Website: Click here
Contact Person:. Dick Reid, Store Coordinator
Address and Phone:
Huckleberry's Natural Market
926 S. Monroe
Spokane, WA 99204
(509) 624-1349

Status:  unknownunknownunknown
Policy: "We do not have a loyalty card, nor do we have plans to enact the use of one. We feel that the customer loyalty we have is earned through our low prices, excellent service, and the quality of the products we offer."
- Eric White, Consumer Communications Specialist
31 markets in Eastern Pennsylvania and Eastern New York.
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Website: http://www.rednersmarkets.com
Contact Person:. Kevin Snyder
Senior Vice President of Store Operations and Director of Sales
Postal Address: #3 Quarry Road
Reading, PA 19605
E-mail: ewhite@rednersmarkets.com

If you are the owner, manager, or representative of a no-cards store and would like to be added to this list, please contact me

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