CASPIAN: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are just learning about supermarket cards or are a long time opponent, I believe that you will find something of value in the arguments presented here.

These mini-essays were designed to be read sequentially, in their entirety. I recommend beginning with the first one, then clicking "Next Question" until you reach the end. Or, you can go straight to the highlights (indicated with a star).


Supermarkets are just rewarding loyal shoppers. What's wrong with that?

unknownIsn't participation in supermarket "loyalty" programs voluntary?

Why do you call them "registration and monitoring" programs?

Who cares if they know what I buy at the grocery store?

unknownWhy shouldn't my life be an open book? Only people with something to hide worry about surveillance and tracking.

Doesn't my supermarket's privacy policy offer enough protection?

Can club card records be seized by law enforcement agencies?

If people don't like club cards, why not just shop somewhere else?

Why haven't I seen any consolidation of the markets in my town?

unknownIf collecting data on shoppers is really so awful why are the supermarkets so open about it?

How are loyalty programs funded?

unknownWhy do you put the word "loyalty" in quotes when you refer to these programs?

unknownIf I stop using my supermarket club card, won't I have to pay a lot more for my groceries?

Extra: With all the pain and suffering in the world and people starving in [fill in location here], how can you justify spending your time on supermarket club cards?