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Q. If I stop using my supermarket club card, won't I have to pay a lot more for my groceries?

Yes, you absolutely will! And now you've gotten to the real point of this whole website -- you're staring straight down the barrel of their gun. I don't care how much your supermarket talks about sweetness and rewards, if you don't comply "voluntarily" this is their weapon and they'll turn it on you.

To make sure you see what a dirty, ugly, arm-twisting, threatening bully your supermarket really is, let me repeat it:

If you stop using your supermarket club card, you will have to pay a lot more for your groceries.

Consider the implications of that for a moment and you'll see why it is so crucial that we put an end to these programs.

We've got to stop supermarkets from manipulating us into surrendering one of our most intimate possessions -- the ability to make reasoned, non-coercive decisions about how and to whom to disclose intimate information about ourselves. How can supermarkets justify this vicious mistreatment of the very patrons who keep them in business? Is this any way to treat "loyal" customers?

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