CASPIAN: Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering

Food for Thought

10 Reasons Not to Use a Fake Card
Katherine Albrecht CASPIAN

Even if you think you've found a way to "beat the system," you can't keep shopping at Surveillance Central.

Rewards for the Wealthy
John Vanderlippe and Katherine Albrecht CASPIAN

Cards are designed to identify and reward the wealthiest shoppers, while the rest of shoppers, particularly those at the lower end of the income scale, may soon find their access to affordable food dwindling.

NO THERE THERE: The False Economy of Shopper Cards and Why We Must Reject It
Zelda Gordon No-Cards Shoppers, Amador Publishers

Supermarket shopper cards deplete resources from an essential activity, the distribution of food. The purveyors of "loyalty" card programs do not provide the food-buying public with any real goods or services. Rather, they insert themselves between vendor and consumer, skimming profits from the former and raising prices for the latter.

"Loyalty:" The Big Lie of Club Cards
Zelda Gordon No-Cards Shoppers, Amador Publishers

They don't need loyalty -- they've got hunger! Hunger, now there's a word that's hard to pervert.... Take Hunger to the grocery store and Loyalty starts to look a lot less voluntary. When Hunger pushes the cart, it's not thinking "rewards," it's thinking survival. The big lie of "Loyalty" is that it's some sort of reciprocal relationship between you and the store. Look through Hunger's eyes and see the truth. Greed preys upon need.

The Club Card Double-Pricing Scam
Zelda Gordon No-Cards Shoppers, Amador Publishers

"Pretty soon we might be paying $100 for a gallon of milk -- unless we give up our DNA at a bio-bar-code station at the check-out counter." Zelda takes on the two-tiered pricing problem.

Trails in the Sand
Roger Clarke Australian National University

How do your daily activities make your life an open book to anyone who cares to monitor you? Clarke shows us some of the ways we leave tracks -- unless we make a point of preventing them. While you're on Clarke's site, take some time to read his other works - you'll be uncomfortably enlightened.

Food Central: How Three Firms Came to Rule the World
Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair Counterpunch

"There's simply nothing more powerful than controlling the world's food supply"

Once you disentangle a web of subsidiaries, mergers, joint ventures, partnerships, side agreements, marketing arrangements and alliances you find that just three food chains dominate the global food production system.

The Corporate Agribusiness Research Project Thanksgiving Day Meal
A.V. Krebs The Corporate Agribusiness Research Project

Thanksgiving bounty in the 21st century looks nothing like it did in the Pilgrim days.

Apocalypse When?
Jeremy Rifkin New Scientist Magazine

A sobering article on how genetically altered crops are threatening our food supply.

"The public still thinks of biotechnology as producing medical breakthroughs and some new crops..but in the next ten years, the major companies hope to introduce thousands of gene-spliced organisms over millions of acres of land and even into the water. They will reseed the planet with a second genesis."